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Dont Get Me Wrong


Verse 1:
Dont get me wrong,
Ive played my part and its over,
Im tired of being strong,
For hiding that I'm not, Yeah,
Dont get me wrong,
You've played your part and I think you know,
This Love's for real,
Its time to show just how i feel

Time after time I refuse to see why,
I can't go on without you by my side

Baby I just wanted you to know that if you can you could be partof my life,
Baby dont you know we could be doing this forever and we doinalright, Yeah,
Time after time this moments been on my mind,
Now I've left it behind, Dont get me wrong

Verse 2:
Dont get me wrong,
You've bruised my heart and its aching
It wont take you long,
To see that I'm in pain,
Dont get me wrong,
If you run out now you should be mistaken
This loves so real
And baby this is how I feel

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