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Love Is Not Enough

Wet (Band)

Roll her over in the knee high water
And they expose a part of her that's never been seen before
And mine is flowing like a scene from the autumn
People showing just to look and laugh

Because love is not enough
No, love is not

Call your sisters and your little cousins
And hide the kids they're laying out on the corner
And they come runnin' when it's all [?]
All their wounds are gone, and you're left with memories

Love is not enough
Don't let them tell you
Love is not enough

And I told you once, but I will say it louder
The love we had — it grew tall like a flower
Then all at once it will [?] over
And it left with yourself and the ghost of another

Love is not enough

Oh, I dreamed you last night
You, you whispered to me
The water is fine, but now the
The wine is flowing
And I wish that we could stay there
Right there forever, but I promise you that I will always remember

Love is not enough
Don't let them tell you
Love is not enough
Don't listen to them
Love is not enough

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