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Born to Reign

Will Smith

I believe in god
I believe in destiny
Not destiny in a sense of all our actions being pre-determined
But destiny in the sense of our ability to choose
Our ability to choose who we are and who we are supposed to be

Yo, yo, yo, yo
I was born to reign
Point blank my name
To be etched in stone
My destiny pre-ordained
Tryin' to live righteous
Fightin' for life, 'tis my life
And that's why i go light to my vices
Tightening the vices of truth on the ruthless
Is rhyme and the crime is they minds is just useless
The path to the poison
The genesis of the genecide
You and your boys tryin' to decide
What to write but your pen is a sword
And the blade has been forged
Young minds get engorged
States have been altered by liquor by weed
And then hate gets exalted as art falls to greed
Choices is made as the voices is laid
On the track contract
Your soul's the way you sold your rage
Did you see his new benz?
But you're mic a syringe
Now we're proud of your Venge
Got alot of new friends
Got alot of new ends
Bought a house up in the hills
Frontin' shouts to the pen
Giving false accounts of your accounts' amounts
Amounts to fan treason
Stands to reason
Since your inception laced with deception
And bred false affection it must perish
From my terrace
I see the fire burnin' the streets
But i won't shield my eyes to the heat
Born to reign

I was born to reign
I was born to reign

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