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Without my lover

Wilson Marie

Haunted by your vision
Haunted by your calls
Lately Iv'e been wishing
I'd never meet you at all

Fire raging in my head,
Without my lover
I take back all the things I said,
About my lover
Taken by the innocence in your eyes
Wounded by deceit,
But now I'm shocked by your lies

Another sleepless night ahead,
Without my lover
Lying in my lonely bed,
Without my lover
Thinking 'bout my life without you by my side
I know I'll be alright,
I can survive

Without my lover
Without my lover
Without my lover

Haunted by you vision
You know I'm hauntd by your calls
Lately I've been wishing
I'd never met you at all

Morning brings reality,
You're not my lover
I'll leave behind your memory,
I'll find another
Bittersweet reminders of a love gone wrong
Exist to give me courage and the strength to carry on

Without my lover
Without my lover
Without my lover

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