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Born In The Cradle Of Storms

Wind Rose

In the night the angels spoke to me
For a new rebirth for a new salvation
Hear my cry beyond your faded dreams
I'll be judged by my own holy blame

Echoes of fire
Fill my blazing inferno
Praise to the power
That makes me divine among humans
Forever and more

The immortals call me to the grave

Gods of the universe unknown
Bringers of agony
Masters of eternity
Gloria, gloria
Welcome me into your glorious halls
Proclaim who I was born to be

When I'm gone
Over the seas I'll sail
Over the lands I'll ride
Over the sky I will fly
And my fate will be made
I was born in the cradle of storms

Holding the birth sign of a hunter
Nothing will force me to flee
No one will dare to defy my blow
'Cause I am the chaos unseen

Our prayers recall to the holy
And our swords unite for the glory

Soldier of shadows they call me
Mentor of infinity

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