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Ode To The West Wind

Wind Rose

Chasing the horizons of the world
Hovers in solid atmosphere
Meeting the seasons that embrace
You heal the wounds of reality

On your wings
Take me where dawn and shadows begin
Flying through the changes that I fell
Carry me away

From the deeps of the dusk

Until a new sister of grace
Shall blow her lute upon the earth
And bring the life back to this place
And let the world awake again

From the west to the east
It's the journey you keep
When the legends recall
The winter and cold
There's a story relived
Between magic and myth
When a wind from the west will rise

With your rush into the snowy sky
Move the clouds to the crib of darkness

You guide the year, straight to the fall
Where frozen and forsaken I crawl
Heavenly feel, show me the way
Will you destroy what you saved

Like the last leaf that still falls
I feel the winter inside my core
Waiting for a new beginning
That will sweep away the cold

Shall we pray shall we pray
For a new world incoming
Shall we pray
For the saviour unborn

See the sun
That enlightens the moon and the stars
Warding the universe with your immortal flame

For the will of the gods

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