And I wake up
to a sheet over my eyes
and an empty bed
another empty head

and I know
Ive made something out of nothing
Another casual fling
For you, but not for

And now Im waiting alone
Hand touching the phone
So I can . . .
I want to hear you breathe
Your voice is all I need
To let me . . .

That theres parts of me that are flawed
marks on my back are still clawed
but the impressions that you made
are still

much deeper then my own skin
another battle to win
for your heart that is just breaking

(Add after first chorus)
Some lasting adaptation
A silly reformation to let me know that this is not a

And I close my eyes again
To hold onto
something Ive never had

but its to late now
your already gone
A wasted chance
Ruined by the dawn

So Ill try to go to sleep
To see you one more time
Head next to me
Arms wrapped in mine

And finally feel again
That my life was worth something
And that you are for.

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