Thou shall now in your time to burn
Find out thou art not the only on
To believe the lies set in your mind
By the world of weakness you took as guide

Display thy courage when thou art a coward
Be brave to fight when the weak step foward
Shallow followers of lies and fear
Cries for mercy when death grows near

Thy fear shall doom thee
Thou shalt crumble before me

Clay Warrior
Shaped by misery
Clay Warrior
Blinded by cowardice

When your time comes thou shall fall
Thy disguise crumbles and shows thy core
Hide note the fear controling thee
And now thou hides from everything you see

Thou are not the last to fight for lies
Within your doom your heart the cries
They're beaten like thee by all disgrace
Fight for nothing, Warriors of clay

Disgrace conquered with pain
Your causa is over and nothing changed

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