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exibições de letras 4.046

fiimy (fuck it, i miss you) (feat. Demi Lovato)

Winnetka Bowling League

At a French-themed party where no one spoke French
You turned to me and said: Hey, how American?
Christmas lights on the fire escape
Lit your glitter and red beret

With your vape pen and your finger tattoos
You looked like someone trying to look like you
And if that's only in my head
It's water I'm not ready to tread

Well, the talk stayed small and we shot the shit
How's the music going? How's your sister's kid?
Funny, time moves on, maybe I should too
But ooh, fuck it, I miss you

You'vе got a family now and you're wearing it nicer
Arе you only showing your highlights?
When you're in a quiet place
Am I there with you in a way?
How I felt so undeserving of you, and
Loved you more than I will admit to
Hundred reasons, counting still
Never stopped and I never will

And the world cut out waiting on a string
But what was meant for you, wasn't meant for me
I know you moved on, so I'm trying too
But ooh, fuck it, I miss you (ooh, fuck it, I miss you)
Ooh, fuck it, I miss you (ooh, fuck it, I miss you)
Ooh, fuck it, I miss you (ooh)

Over third with coffee, we're acting mature
Like our history's just that and no more
Six months and counting dry
Doesn't mean that I wouldn't try

I know I held your hand like a bunch of balloons, and
I knew I was meant to hold on to
But I was just a stupid kid
Throwing everything to the wind

But if I zoom in close, if I pan out wide
We were so almost, I could almost die
I could say I've learned, but I have no clue
But ooh, fuck it, I miss you
Ooh, fuck it, I miss you

Had a bumper sticker on your first car
That said: Be happy wherever you are
Thought it was all some hippie shit
Now I'm here reliving it

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