Incineration & Resurrection


Hail to the blazing inferno
It sweeps away the germs of impurity!

"We would be honoured if you would join us"

A world once laid into ashes
But ardour has remained
Sleeping scorched earth
What sleeps can be awakened
Sparks ignite to a fire
And fire means life

An extraneous incineration
Intrinsical immutability
Ever reiterating resurrection
Never ending renewal

Precondition of creation
Has always been destruction
Fragile human order
To be torn into chaos
There exists now law
But incineration & resurrection

Everything once has been - after every decline
Comes forth even stronger
Gradually but certainly

And in the state of highest evolution
Manifests veritable significance
In expression of staunchness
To withstand and counteract
The eternal cycle

...we will rise like phoenix from the ashes!

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