There are times
When my heart feels so empty
How I wish that you were here with me
But my love will keep holding on forever
Believin' that we feel the same together

Promise me forever
That you will stay with me
I love you more and more each day
Hear me…

You're my first love in my life
Holdin' on this love is meant for you
You're my first love in my life
Fee my love growin' strong
(You're) My First Love

Sleepless nights, lonely tears are on my face
How I miss you so much baby
But I know someday, We'll be together
True Love is full of sacrifice

Loving you forever, A gift from my heart
Missin' you whenever, You're miles away…

Repeat Chorus - Ad lib - Bridge

No one else could ever take your place
Memories of yours' forever I can't erase
True Love is giving me the strength of faithfulness
'Coz I love you babe…

Repeat Chorus

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