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Don't let me down gently

Wonder Stuff

Don't let me down gently
If you have to let me down at all

I ain't calling you familiar
I don't know your face that well
Not like the shaving mirror
Hanging up inside your cell
I didn't call you here to tell you
I didn't call you here at all
'Cos I'm talking to myself again
And you're talking to the wall


It would be great to die together
On the first day of the year
'Cos then wee'd be quite legendary
Could you volunteer?
I don't think of you oh do you think of me
Is that often or not at all?
And ifyou have to let me down my friend
Then kick me to the floor


Oh say it's not true
The things they said we do
And how could I explain
The pleasure in the pain
They're calling us insane
Oh the knives, the blood, the bad, the good
D'ya think you could, do you?

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Composição: Malcolm Treece / Miles Hunt. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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