Mirror Reflection & The Hammer Reinvention

Woods of Ypres

I was right along, and I was wrong to believe,
Foolish to doubt the self-respecting truths, I learned while suffering.
Nothing happens for any reason, There is no plan.
We are all just random beings, not destined for anything.
The world is nothing, disguised as something it is not.
Aspire to be something, appearing as you really are.

Cut yourself down to the stern. Stand upon level ground again.
Tear yourself all the way down and rebuild yourself in solitude.

When left alone, the forests renew themselves.
When left alone, man improves himself, as well.

You need, for self-reflection, is a reflection of you, and a sign of the times.
You use of self-expression, is a weapon in the age in which we live.
When you hold the hammer, you are the weapon,
Smash the mirror for seven years of self-sacrifice.
When you hold the mirror, you're in reflection,
Reflect the truth and not the curse of superstition.

I thought you were taking pictures of me,
But that was just the lights burning out!
It's no one's dream to follow me,
When everyone wants to be followed themselves.

Your self-expression is a reflection of the mind.
Use it to make your peace with yourself,
Those around you and the age in which you live.
Make peace with the age in which you find yourself.

Your self-expression is a weapon of the mind.
Use it to defend yourself, threaten others and enhance your life.

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