Wars are raging in the world
Mothers are taking care of their children
Bullets are whizzing from the right, from the left
How can we get out of this shit

Ruined houses, rotting corpses
Soldiers fallen in battle
Tanks are smashing the bones to dust
Food is lying rotten on the ground

Smother colours the sky black
Blood is flowing on the streets
Damned spirits dwell in the depths
They cannot emerge to the light

Kill, War, Blood..........Where is god?

Or a sharpshooter aims at you
You can hear nothing, but dying gasps
Time passes, war continues
Worms are devouring, your corpse is rotting

That is that! There's no way out
Snurges are ruling here
No matter where you are, no matter who you believe in
You cannot trust anybody

Kill, War, Blood..........Where is god?

Countless corpses are in mass graves
Weapons are killing faster and faster
You'll die on earth or in the air

Kill, War, Blood..........Where is god?

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