I can feel the devil's breath
Speaking on a lower voice
He's trying leaving angels sleep
To bargain my soul unsaved

I look his dressing wings of death
Whispering his sweetest plan
He's torturing my freak mind
Conving me of promise land

On deep null i'm in
On deep null

My shoulder weight myself
My leaden thoughts annoy my mind
The mirror shows to me
What i couldn't see or loud hear

Reavens flying over my head
That voice become much more distinct
Now it's clearly where i'm going on
My lord has compassion of me

On deep null i'm in
On deep null

Deep null

I don't have any reason, leave me here
My deal was payment in tears
The evil rapped and prostrated my soul
My scream, my supplication, they are to low

My last breath, the remainder of me
The last chance was consumed by my fear
I hear voices, i hear whispers, hear the black
I hear the razor's gash stronger over my neck

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