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Silly Love Songs

Nicole Wray

Verse 1
Tuesday, the day he left me
And I ain't been the same since
He didn't even tell me
He fell out of love with me
He just packed his stuff
And walk out the door
So when...

When I get in my ride
I wanna break down and cry
Cause I'd rather be at home feeling blue
When I pick up my phone all I hear is a tone
That's why I ain't feeling this love thang no more

I'm so tired of all those silly love songs
None of them never ever really come true
Mr.DJ stop spinning those love songs
Cause the one I love broke my heart in two

Verse 2
No more late night talks
Or making love no more
Or fighting over who'll win the game
No more Valentine cards
No more chocolate hearts
Makes me never wanna fall in love again

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

I can't say I'll swim any sea
Or walk any mile for free
I might not bring you the moon
But I'll give my all to you
All I can say is that I really love you

Chorus till fade

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