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Protect Yo' Neck

Wu-Tang Clan

So what' up man?
Coolin' man
Chillin' chillin" Yo know I had to call...right...You know whyright?
Cuz...Yo..I never ever call to ask you to play something.Right?
You know what I wanna hear right?
What you wanna hear?
I wanna hear the wu-tang joint
The Wu-Tang Again!!!!!!!!!!
awW Yeah AGAIN and Again!!

I smoke on the mike like smoking Joe Frazier
The hell raiser..raising hell with tha flava
Terrorizing jam like troops in Pakistan
Swinging through your town like your neighbourhood Spider Man
So..uhhh...tick tock keep ticking
When I get you flipping off the sound I'm kicking
The Lone Ranger..Code red...DANGER!!!
Dupped In tha dark with tha art then with the charged apart
The vandal Too hot to handle...Yo battle
Your saying goodbye like Tevin Camble
Roughneck Inspecta Deck soul asset
The Rebel
I make more noise than heavy metal

So what you make the crowd go wild
Sit back relax..Go smile
Rae got it goin on pal
Call me tha Rap Asassinator
Rhymes rugged and built like Shwarchenigger
And I'm gonna get mad deep like a threat
Blow up your project then take all your assets
Cuz I came to shake your frame and have to put the coats thatbomb
Shit like now!!
So if you wanna try to flip go flip on the next man
Cuz I'll grab the clip and...hit you with sixteen shots and all Igot
Goin to war with the

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