I know it was no accident to cross your way and understand that
you're the one that I've been looking for.
It's true, I feel the same for you.
There's nothing else I'd like to do, but hold you in my arms for
ever more.

Yes, I just fall in love with you
For sure I did the same.
I hope this lovely feeling will remain.

Your love is like a guiding star to me, it is shining on my way
tonight to make me smile.
There's something I have never felt before.
It's beautiful, you're the one I've been longing for.
Do you still hear all the words that I have said?
No, I won't forget, oh yeah
We will tell it to the world- two hearts can beat as one

It seems so unbelievable
I hardly find a word to tell
How much I need you here with me, right now.

And I could embrace the universe.
It feels so good, it nearly hurts and all I want is giving you
my life !

Yes, I just fall in love with you for sure I did the same.
And I hope this lovely feeling will remain.


So, I ask you, do you want me as your man to love me like no one
did before.
Yes, you're the one and only
I'll never let you go.
You are meant for me and I am meant for you.


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