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If I Was President

Wyclef Jean

Election time is comin'

If I was President
I'd get elected on Friday,
Assassinated on Saturday,
And buried on Sunday
If I was President.
If I was President....

An Old man told me
Instead of spending Billions on the war,
We could use some of that money in the Ghetto.

I know some so poor
When it rains that's when they shower,
Screamin fight the power
That's when the vulture devoured.


The Radio won't play this
They call it rebel music.
How can you refuse it Children of Moses?


Tell the children the truth, the truth
Christopher Columbus didn't discover America.
Tell them the truth, the truth, yeah.
Tell them about Marcus Garvey.
Tell them the truth, yeah the truth
Tell them about Martin Luther King.
Tell them the truth, the truth
Tell them about JFK.


If i was President.

That's the truth right there

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