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A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall


I am the one that is walking the night
Sleepless I'm dreaming - eyes wide open
Watching the sky for the ashes to fall
Ending illusions - I keep on hoping

For this world to survive - to keep me alive

So for all you ever desired, you wanted to be
Was shining so bright but only a dream
And nothing remains but this fantasy
Oh this world is falling down

Frozen by gold that has turned into ice
I kept all the secrets deep inside me

Now i will pass them on - now, now your are the one

So for all...

Et audivi vocem magnam dicentem septem angelis
Effundite septem fialas asperitae mundi in somnium
Vidi cum aperuisset sigilum sextum
Terrae motus factus est
Magnus sol factus est niger luna tota facta est sicut sanguis

And as it opened the final seal
I stood alone on crumbled ground
The stars had fallen and the sun was cold

This world has never been
Only for the seeing it will be seen
I was given the seal and the key
And i will keep it until i die

It's falling down for you