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Who Can I Run To?


As I stand here contemplating
On the right thing to decide
Will I take the wrong direction
All my life, where will I go
What lies ahead of me?

I have strong determination
And I'm not afraid of change
I have yet to find that someone
Who would care to satisfy me
To stay right by me

Who can I run to
To share this empty space?
Who can I run to
When I need love?
Who can I run to
To fill this empty space with laughter?
Who can I run to
When I need love?

And my mind is so confusing
Who would be that special one?
Everyday I'm trying to find you
All along, I've got to know
Is there a place for me?

I know love has many names
And a message very clear
All it takes is time and patience
To bring you near
But look at me, tell me

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Composição: Daryl Simmons / Frank Alstin / Richard Roebuck. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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