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The Sun Is Shining Out Of My Ass


I still know exactly how it started many years ago
First there was a shimmering light the colours of the rainbow
Shining through my bumcheeks i could not explain
I was just a little boy has bowelmovement without pain
The sun is shinin' out of my ass
Sometimes more and sometimes less
And everything i feel allright
My left bumcheeks is shining bright
When people see that shining ray
They always ask are you o k?
I say it always radiates
And someday - i'm sure it bates
It became a bright big ray and i avoided anyway
To get my ass upon the lavatory it didn't work so i got worry
And than the light came through my pants
Day and night i had no chance
Now you are asking 'bout today
But i won't tell you any more unbelivebale takes
About my ass now