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Remembering how I used to feel
but I'm holding my head up
knowing that my bed is holding you
I'm holding my breath
I'm holding my arms out to you
I could never get
out from underneath this debt
the debt of kicking my broken soul
and breathing the life into me
I couldn't walk enough miles
I couldn't rope enough sky to give you
I could never repay baby
all that I owe
Don't ever leave me alone
I couldn't face the streets that I've roamed
I couldn't face another minute without you baby
since you put your spell on me
I've shut my eyes
stopped my cries
I'm mesmerized
baby by you
I could never repay you
You never asked me for anything
When I'd give it all to you
All I ask is a little look
a nod
a grin
Won't you let me in your room?