I woke up this morning
Closed in my right mind
Counting all the blessings
I've had in my lifetime
I'm so fortunate to have someone like God
Heavenly father
When I was having
So many problems
No one but him could help me solve them
He stepped in and he made everything okay
And for this I'm so grateful

I'm grateful
So thankful
To be in the land of the living
I'm grateful
I'm so thankful
To be in the land of the living

I don't mind sharing
My testimony
To anyone who hear it
Cause I'm lead by the spirit
And it's possible that something I might say
Could help along the way
Been through the storm but
Here I'm still standing
On solid ground
I keep on landing.
That's why I have so much faith in God
For his love I'm grateful

Repeat Chorus (2x's)

Oh yes (yes)
I'm grateful (I'm grateful)
Yes (yes)
I'm thankful (I'm thankful)
He spared me (that I was spared)
He gave me (that I was giving)
Another chance (another chance)

Repeat Chorus until fade out

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