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Sometimes it's pain, sometimes it's hollow
Never the same, it'll change you tomorrow
The sadness
Doesn't matter when it's gone

Girl in a red dress passes you by
A hurried deception gleam to her eye
Like the weather will not hurt her when she's wrong

You say you feel all broke and discarded
What's on your mind, baby?
You know you'll get along well once you've started, over again
This day is alive
This day is alive
This day is alive

Take another chance if a turn for disaster is the best thing for you
Oh the difference
Is the lies I told are true
Don't tell your father the thoughts
You've been thinking, they'll burn him too long
After all
It's the dream that holds up the sun

You say you want something that's real
Well give it some time, baby
You're all wrapped in the words you're repeating over again
This day is alive
This day is alive
This day is alive

So now you tell me what you're gonna do to me!
You got a lot on your mind, baby
You got so much that will get through to me
Without telling me lies..

You say you wanna stand up for something alright
What's on your mind, baby
Oh you could stand here for nothing
Or start it again, start it again

This day is alive
This moment will pass you.. by
This day is ours, don't let it die
Don't let it die.

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