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Voice of Brooklyn

Youth Defense League

Walking 'round the streets
hand in hand with fear
No one can tell what is 'round the bend
Don't side with the other side
'cos if you do we'll find you
Wanna know exactly if you classify us friends

'Cos this is the voice, the voice of Brooklyn
and you better believe it
The voice, the voice of Brooklyn
Come on and fly the flag now!

It's a time when people
Cannot walk the streets alone
Fought for this nation, is this what they get back?
Risked their lives for Brooklyn
now Brooklyn belongs to crack dealers
'Bout time the Brooklyn skinheads
took their Brooklyn back!

Now have a go at the TV and the
All the media anarchists that like to keep us quiet
They've tried to bleed our country,
they're the leeches of the nation
We won't give up quietly
we're going to stand and fight!