Roll me up another one
im not quite wasted yet
the feeling hasnt quite sunk in
got nothing to regret

think i might just need the score
to slow my running time
i used to feel kinda weary
but now im doin fine

that glowing feeling
that i get inside
getting wasted one more time
on a saturday night

pour me something strong enough
to get rid of my site
it's funny when i get like this
something aint quite right

i wake up in my usual daze
skin up my first joint of the day
hate the shit the radio plays
need to blow my blues away


mom and dad just lecture me
dont do this anymore
but i know there the only things
that can get me out the door

things are blurry where i am
and i cant understand
i dont need to be like this
my futures in my hands


all i wanted to be
was somebody like me
(i wanna be myself)
but cant you see
whats happened to me
(im acting like someone else)
i get one chance
its one i gotta take
(im gonna be someone)
need someone to talk to
someone to relate
(can you be my someone?)

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