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Interlude IV (Showtime)

Zach Callison

We're finally free
Welcome home
It's just you and me now
Standing alone
The world is ours

No, it isn't
Get in the car
This isn't finished

Even though the kid's dead
I'm still seeing red
I'm just a shell of his form
That his innocence shed

He lived a good life and he gave it to you

Oh is that right?
You know it's not true
Look at him showered
In blood and flowers
Now look in my eyes
She still holds the power
After years and tears
And confronting his fears
He's dead on his record
For the world to hear
And they'll all think
That it was suicide
But Christie I know
It was you inside

I saved him
I held him 'til the moment he died

You choked him out of his own God damn mind
You promised the world to him, a God damn lie

What do you want from me?
Oh look outside yourself
I won't help you take her down

I'll do it by myself

You don't need it
Oh I know that I need it

She's been gone for years
I know you can beat it

No look in the mirror
You know we both fear her
We're one in the same
We're afraid to be near her
We utter the name
With our spirits defeated
But you let me kill him
You’re worse than Juanita

I told you to end it
It was all for the best

So I have you to blame
For this pain in my chest


If you won’t go I will
To avenge the lost soul I killed

You're filling your heart up with hate

All the same (no!)
As the kid (no!)
That you just left (no!)
Face down on the (no!)
Pavement! (Save it!)

It's time I made a statement
A pity the city has ruined us
We could've fooled Hollywood
Just the two of us
Juanita has made a fool of us

You're lost

One two three four
Is this what love is really for
Is this all I get for being yours
The kid in front of me in blood and gore
Five six seven eight
Years put to waste for all I hate
They'll all know Juanita's fate
The show's about to start
Don't be late

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Composição: Zach Callison. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Estrela e traduzida por Isabel. Legendado por zuki. Revisões por 6 pessoas . Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.


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