I've got girls, they're in my room.
The only things my room is not here.
10 til 2, the clock won't move,
detention hall is better with beer.
I can do it all in my room.
I can be a rock star with a bad attitude (come on).
I am the king in my room.
I can ground my mom and dad for being bad if I choose.
Shapow! How do you like me know?
SHAZAM, I don't think you understand.
Shaquick! Here I got a 10 inch, TV screen . . .
only in my room.
I've got green, it's in my room.
The only things my room is not here.
Pitching tents, inside my pants.
There's a pool of drool by my ear.
I can fake it all in my room,
I can be a quarterback,
I'm the coolest guy in school (check it).
I can get on down in my room.
I can go and freak Rebecca Romijn in the nude.
TV, munchies, ______, DVD in my room.
Watchin' juggies, spankin' monkies,
doughnut dunkin' in my room.
Ladies love me, pour me heinies, feed me grapies,
in my room. Write a shitty record, for my record label
in my room.

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Composição: Ali Tabatabaee / Ben Osmundson / Ed Udhus / Greg Bergdorf / Justin Mauriello. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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