I'm yet to say a word, and you
left me hanging on the phone
now i've caught up to you, for a
change i've got you to my own

It takes a person like you, to let
me talk till i'm blue
and still you don't have a clue of
all the damage you do
to those you're looking through

I see a finger writing on a wall
it tells me pride runs deep
before a fall

Bap! I think you've got it now
Bap! i think you've got it now

You've pegged a trend today, its
this little label that you wear
your measure of success to
convince someone you really care

It takes a person like me, or just
a few maybe three
to turn around till you see, to
pray you down to your knees
to give these things an ease

There is a chapter and a verse to read
and there's a God to send you
what you need

And if i never even said a word, here in my heart i bare
this deep concern
I know we have all lessons here to learn, the other
cheek i'm here to turn

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