“This is the tale of a miserly man
People say that his name was jack
He tried so hard to trick the devil
But all he got was a big bad trouble
When he died his soul fell
He found no heaven, he found no hell
This big mistake was not so clever
Searching now for home forever”

The man was afraid that he was losing
(He was lost now)
So far from home, but he still was hoping
(He doesn't' know how)
No one can hear your screams right here
(Falls on the ground)
The time has come, get eaten by fears
(He is a damned lost soul now)
Taste the goddamn ground
He is a damned lost soul now

Can you feel him?
Can you hear him?
Jack is coming!
Everybody is running now!
Can you see him?
Can you avoid him?
Jack is now here!
Everybody is hiding now!

Is now too late for your redemption
(Your life was wrong)
The path was done, don't make a question
(Your soul is gone)
Every year you will come
(They will wait for)
Jack o'lantern they will call
(All kids say jack has come)

Be afraid to find out this is jack's walk night out
Don't be fool leave the match, he's the king of the pumpkin patch
No one is safe tonight, hide yourself choose your site
This is your sacrifice, death will be not so nice
Storm is coming
Light is crawling
Sad homecoming
Everybody is falling down!

The time is night
You're next to find
Light that jack have
Lost and found
Can you feel him now
Life was darkest than night
A storm is coming
Brings all damned memories

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