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Should've Seen Her This Morning

Zona Jones

Heads are turning as she walks through the door
Band skips a beat as she passes the dance floor
All the gentlemen offer their chairs
She walks em by as they continue to stare

Guy beside me said she looks like a dream
I look at him and say

Man you should've seen her this morning
Standing there in my t-shirt
All bare, pink fuzzy slippers
Still half asleep
Brushing her teeth
And smiling at me
I guess you just had to be there
See her laughin' with curlers in her hair
So if your thinkin wow she looks beautiful now
You shoud've seen her this mornin'

Hey ill admit that im a lucky guy
To have a lady that can make you look twice
Yeah shes breath taking when you see her all made up
But that don't compare to every morning i wake up
I don't expect you to know what i mean
All i can tell you is

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Composição: Dave Brainard / Rob Hatch. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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