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I just wish I could tell you
How I make you feel
But it's kinda weird when I say
I just don't know how

Refrain I:
'Coz when I'm with you
Time seems to be movin' fast
As my worries all turn into dust
And I feel alright

Refrain II:
And when I'm with you
I seem to see the soul inside
That makes me crave for you so bad
And it's alright

'Coz I'm to stay here by your side
And whatever happens, I don't care
As long as I see your sweet smile
Then it will be alright

(Repeat Stanza I)
(Refrain I)

Now that I'm with you
I know this can't be true
Though I wish these dreams are meant to last
So I'll feel alright

But when the time is through
I lie awake and feel afraid
I'll never see your smile again
I't won't be alright

(Refrain II)