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Brief Passions (engels)

Zuco 103

Oh I thought that the world was mine
I fooled myself completely
If I would talk about what I lost..
Your love, no longer mine
A love that in the end, did not survive

Oh oh my love left me alone, you see
Go love go find your sound while I am alone here, see
From sound to sound, from sun to sun.
One-night stands while I'm alone
Kisses, sounds, suns, passions
Sounds... and I, here alone...

I thought that your love
Was was was all mine, my dear
I loved you, gave you all my affection
Only : you did not deserve it

Poor girl

And I still thought that he was mine
But without knowing I shared him with the whole world
And that tongue already went into the whole world
While I was dreaming and here alone

Oh I am going to tell you
There are many more beautiful people around, honey pie
Honey-pie, honey-pie

Oh I met someone who can
Listen to me, someone who can tell me
That there are good things in life