Our time is over, It's not too late to change
Day by day I want a new life
Life is a school I believe in changings
Love and pain I wanna leave you
Change of life I wanna make it
Change of life
I wanna make it, make it happen
Here I am , don't know where I was
I don't feel you all around me
What happened to our love ?
Did we lose ourselves in this trip ?
Which way did you follow ?
I don't know which one was mine.
But I think of you all the time
I close my eyes, I see your smile
I dream about you every night
I think your smile is a rhyme
Love is a strange thing
I felt attracted by this strange thing
But I still feel myself uncomplete
Love I see now was not just a game
It was the only reason
The energy of my life
Change of life…
I'll never forget the last time we met
I almost cried when I felt you so far
But I didn't want you to see me crying
How I'd like now to feel
Your hands on my face again
And I think of you….
I was following the wrong way
I wished I could be able to see you again
Desire and pain were walking by my side
Holding on the sweetest memories
I thought I'd changed I was not the same
I was feeling like if I was born again
What happened to me. I was so scared
My deepest wish was just to see you again…

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