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Take My Breath Away

98 Degrees

If I had castles build-on high
I'd find a million ways to write your name
Against the sky
Just to let you know, you've caught my eye
And if I had more than wealth could buy
I'd sell it all and start again for just a chance with you
Girl, I'd give my all to win your love

And I would be rich
And I would build all my world around you
Just to show you
How you take my breath away
And you would find love, sweet lady
Nobody else this side of heaven knows
How you take my breath away

If I could turn the day to night
If I had faith to walk on water
Maybe you would see, the reason I thank God for miracles
Cause baby when you walked into sight
You turned an ordinary man like me into a king
I would do anything to win you love


I think there's something here worth sayin'
I don't want to scare you
So let me make my wish and hope that you believe
In simple love, like I do
Say that it's true, baby
Cause you've got me shakin'
My breath has now been taken
I've got to overcome this achin
To win your love


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