Big Fat Chicken Wing Tastes So Good


Oh yeah. Lets get groovy. You look so fine.
Uh huh. Oh yeah. Just you and me -
and maybe one of your girlfriends if you want.
Ohhhhhh! Uh huh!
Do you like some wine? Get loosened up a little bit.
Come on baby. Let me slip you out of those clothes.
You look so, fine...... Big fat chicken wing....
oh tastes so good... like you... uh huh... oh yeah.
I just wanna get my hands on you. Oh yeah! Lah bah!
Your so fine! Big fat chicken wing... taste's so good.
Ohhh yeah. I wanna get my hands on you.
Ohhh... yeah. Let's get mellow now, come on don't get to mad.
Alright we can speed up the pace a little bit. Man your a fighter.
Ohh yeah thats good isn't it. You want me to speed it up a little bit more?
Alright lets go!
Ohh this is so good!
I don't know ho much more I can take of this.
Uhh uh... I think I'm... kind of tired. I still have some more if you want some.
Big fat chicken wing. Tastes so good.
I don't know if I can ever get too much of you - just like to have big...
Ohh yeah. Alright... come here girl. Let me just hug you a little bit.
Your so beautiful. Damn!
What the fuck?!.. Do you need to go to the bathroom?
Are you ready again?!.. Lets speed it up a little more again.
Big fat chicken wing - tastes sooo good. Come on baby.
Lets get some candles goin now. Like some more wine? Oh yeah...
Like some hot wax? Damn your kinky girl. Ooh yeah...
Bob your head up and down like that, thats good.
Use your tounge a little bit more on my head. Oh yeah lick my balls.
Oh yeah girl lets go!!
Ohhhh yeah!! Im cumn baby, Im cumn for you baby.
Watch out it'll go all over your face.
I'm sorry about that.. I didn't mean to hit your beautiful breast.
How bout your ass??. You want me to feel you up a little bit more?
We still got the whole night. Cause your just like a good chicken wing..
A big fat chicken wing... tastes so good... Oh yeah.
Tonight is going to seem like forever... cause it is forever.
Just you an me... just you and me. Maybe one of your girlfriends too?
No guys thats gay!
Alright, let me go down on you.
I'll eat out your clitorus baby, oh yeah, oh yeah,
you like that don't you?! (licking noises)
(slurping noises)
P... Oh thats disgusting... Why do you have to do that on my thumb?!
Hey you wanna go out for some kfc?..
I know where we can get some goood chicken.

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