Your beauty... extracts from your face,
like a fast running stream.
I'd like to hold you and show you who I am,
but the rickets on the road hold me back from you.
you... you, you, and me. You make it so hard on me doused over me.
Can't you see why? Why your the fucking hoar.
Can't you see why? Why your a big hoar.
How could you? I thought I trusted you.
I wish this could be filtered...
from our life, that is yours.
Listen to yourself! The shit stirring in the back of your throat,
it is you - why - can't you see - I bet you'd see
Attempt to bar me in your jahail.
I could see you again for the last time.
This is you. Your the fucking hoar.
Can't you see why? why your fucking hoars.
Try to base it. And put it away forever. It will never happen.
take it easy... but I can't!
Filtered my sins, I feel filtered, filtered my air,
I am filtered from you. I am filtered. All filters,
can't keep me away. All filters!
You you hoar filters! Yeah! oh yeah... filters

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