Thin ice....Thin ice....Thin ice........

She's just a like storm
She's riding on the rain
Washing up on a shore
She's coming at a thin ice (2x)

She Blew it like the wind
Became more than just a friend
And Now I just can't wait to see her face again
That girl's so beautiful, got a body I can't forget
She got style, she got class and a smile like the sunset

I can see the lighting, I can hear the thunder
I can feel her heartbeat, but I can't find her
I can feel the rain, all over my face
Like a hurricane she's taking me away


Came out of nowhere
I was not prepared
Almost time to evacuate
I feel it getting near
The sky is getting dark and now I'm getting scared
She got style, she got class, the girl is a perfect storm


Chorus (3x)

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