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(Have Some) Fun With The Funk

Aaron Carter

1, 2

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

If I threw a party, would you be there?
Would you bring your friends too?
'Cause why should we stay at home
When there's something better to do
It started in the house
It moved on to the streets
C'mon and follow me

And have some fun, with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the junk
This party's gonna jump
Keep bopping buddy, oh
Let's have some fun, with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the junk
This party is too short
So c'mon, get on board
And have some fun
Yeah, yeah, yeah,

We all need a permit, obligation
From the things that get us down
So just turn it up and turn it out
'Cause it can never get too loud
Let's take it from the street
And move it to the beach
The sand beneath our feet


There's no place I' d rather be
'Cause it's no secret why
It would never mean as much to me
To have you by my side
Stop staring at the walls, all you girls and boys
It's time to make some noise!
1! 2! 3!

Chorus twice then end

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