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Empty Roof

Aberdeen City

Always, always in the night
When I want to impress you most of all
Always, always in belief
That when you leave you'll take me with you

We close our eyes
Hopeful that you will keep us
Living for movement
Under your epic roof

Live in my memory and disintegrate

Radiation in your mastermind
Gave me energy, it gave me life
Catatonic when you failed to show
I will not stop waiting for you sir

We close our eyes
Hopeful that you will come for us
Looking for movement
Under your empty roof

Fire, all sorts are leaving
I will stay here until I'm taken
Melting my skin, no longer on this frame
Liquid on the tiles
There's heat in my mind that it will end too soon

What's this?

Save me from burning without feeling
No longer only computer
Strip me of steel skin forever
Give me the death of life I dreamed of

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