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Sixty Lives

Aberdeen City

There is no one
In the front now
All the weak ones
Group together
Let them have their day
You'll have yours

Keep it quiet
Through the yelling
Watch his back don't
Lift a finger
You can make your noise
When they're gone

Fall Back its easy
I know it happens on occasion
Friends at your back
Cause they have the guilt of sixty lives

I won't respond to prove them wrong
I know not much better
But I'll sleep well

All the barking
All the baiting
Sort of sorry
Saw it coming
Not so loud standing
On your own

So this is us
A dirty thing
We need some cleaning
We need some chain
Focus on this
A dirty thing
It needs a cleaning
It needs a change

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Composição: Aberdeen City / Brad Parker. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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