In The Black Of The Universe

Acheronthia Styx

Looking in the center of the universe, a super massive black hole
Where the silence is all and exist the eternal darkness
Conform the wormhole
In the middle of the super cluster, at the dark the unknown
The gravitational forces don't exist in here
And it can't escape inside it

There is no proof the facts
Everything is disappearing

The dark embrace me
I'm falling down in the void
My way is not found
I'm lost in the black of the universe

Outside the galaxy, only now the lights and huge stars from the cosmos
But overwhelming force from the dark energy
Is devouring everything with the expansion
Is growing and expanding producing a negative pressure
Absorbing the light we see

The eternal black is growing
Everything is disappearing

We don't know conceals the dark seas
Maybe other kind of life in the chaos
We shouldn't believe that we are only
Maybe we never see in the black of the universe

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