We now in the dimension divide, where insane things did happen here
Product of the chaos reaction, called the big bang for to start it
They say that is beginning others says is the end
But there are no signs and proof the facts

I don't know what happened here, other worlds collide
In that world and the other, there is no salvation for all

We now in the dimension divide, where the worlds connect through the other worlds
Through the time that past and the future join to collapse our mind
There are many I, around this world connect through of strings and time
But there is a nature, that prevents connection with other me

You feel that life is broken
Your physical laws don't match
And all in a moment to end
The fragments of time
From dimension unseen
Are the strings of every life

We now in the dimension divide, where the one by one feel the only one
But the science says you are not the only in that universe
The doors show us the beacon of our existence
The time show us that existence is great mistake from the nature

There is no answer for this, the life is fade across the time
I don't know how long we will live, before to destroy us

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