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The Oracle


Deep into the mountains of the north
I ride on this pilgrimage of mine
No, I've never travelled here before
At the journey's end I hope to find

Old man with eyes of blind
Gaze into your star pond
Stars on stars and one am I
Trajecting open sky

Yeah, yeah, oracle of old
I want my fate foretold

Leaves of autumn on my path
The nights are growing cold
I keep the wolves away with fire
Not far till I reach eternal snow

Somewhere here there should be
A secret marble bridge
Across the deepest rift
Onto a narrow ridge

Yeah, yeah, oracle of old
I want my fate foretold

Finally I've found this cave
And there the hermit sits on rugs
I pay the price he asks in gold
Now gaze into your star pond, man

"Your soul is damned, you soon shall die"
No, this is wrong, must be a lie
Oracle of false, you'll pay for this
Now taste th sweetness of my blades's kiss

The star pond now erupts
As the oracle lies dead
The old man was surley right
And so the shock wawe cracks my head

Yeah, Yeah, oracle of old
Now dead be we, as we foretold

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