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Peace in the Valley "Twisted"

Alabama 3

For whatever reason you refuse to feel this space we're in, to know its insanity, really know it; whatever your particular anesthetic is, that you hold onto so desperate (the thing, I mean, that makes you think you know who you are); whatever that thing is you allow to keeps you sane, your ace in the hole, the psyche that keeps you trying to guess what your pimp has in store for you; whatever keeps you from screaming out at this very moment in absolute and sheer horror; whatever you fuck your brain with; whatever that is- whatever that is- It's a lie.

She spends too much time with herself every night
Fooling around with her fears.
In the morning she mourns the decline of her mind
Drowning in a bottle of beer.
It's too dangerous just to think about what she might have been
If she'd sung for salvation, if she'd danced on her dreams.

He don't know if he's a communist, a hedonist or a whore
Spent too much time ridin' on a white line to find the door
If he did and he opened it, he'd find those letters in the hall
He's too blind to read between the lines
'Cos the writing's on the wall.

But there's gonna be peace in the valley tomorrow
'Cos tonight he's gonna blow it all away
He feels so twisted, he ain't ever gonna fix it,
He's just waiting for the light to shine on a brand new day.

Let that light shine awhile

I got Ecstasy, but I need some company
You got that mystery; I need a plan
All I got is a compromise and a bag full of alibis
as empty as the bottle of whiskey in my shaking hands.

But there's gonna be peace in the valley tomorrow
'Cos tonight we're gonna blow it all away
We feel so fuckin' twisted, we ain't ever gonna fix it,
We're just waiting for the light to shine on a brand new day.

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