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Bourgeoisie Blues

Alabama 3

Comrades, people of the world, we ain't got nothing to lose but the goddamn bourgeoisie blues. Mr I.V. Lenin, the Lenin of Love, gonna make us feel so fine
with a hit of Socialism In The Mainline.]

Bourgeois parlimentarianism, the highest state of society.
(No way)
Third World debt, Third World exploitation.
What a society we're living in,
(You're right, I.V.)
Selling Third World drugs at First World prices!
They say Lenin was wrong. Who says?
(That's right)
It's enough to give me the fucking blues.

I know you're searching for some new sensation
'Cos I saw you with the Sugarman.
You took a taste of that sweet salvation,
Now you're eating out the palm of his hand.
You hear some line from a song that reminds you
Of the time when you were seventeen.
The memory moves you but you feel kind of confused,
'Cos now money is your melody.

Looks like

Temptation's got a hold on you
She's eating away at your dreams
And you're so hungry for that smell of money
You've been wasting away for years

Hear you've been hustling with some heavy connections
Hooked up on those dollars and dimes.
You were looking for thrills and dressed up to kill
Any motherfucker messing with your goldmine.
Now you walk the line, trying to buy yourself time
You want a honey-backed guarantee.
But the bees they are buzzing, and the flies they are humming,
Round the holes in your hypocrisy.

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