She's 10 years old it's 1965 her mom and dad they just don't care 'bout what she's doin who it's with and where and why they just want her out their hair now 3 years later this same girl is all alone but her parents see her every day so she's filled the hole in with this guy she's come to know he says sex drugs and rock n roll away but if she had

Love love love
Maybe she'd be okay
She needs love love love
To take the loneliness away

She's 16 now the time is '71 her son has just turned 1 year old the baby's dad ran 'fore the pregnancy was done so now she doesn't know a soul the years roll on the hole gets deeper she's drinkin comfort by the glass and she says the high just takes her cares away but her son's now old enough to ask he says mommy where's the

Love love love
If I had some I would be okay
I need love love love
To keep the loneliness away

Today that boy has grown into a man he's doin' just fine on his own he's not bitter 'bout the life he had cause he found what he had never known he'll tell you it's

Love love love
Jesus made it all okay
He found love love love
God took the loneliness away
He's got love love love
Jesus makes the hole complete
He found love love love
God has finally set him free
It was love love love
That made it all okay
God gave love love love
To take the loneliness away...

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