Sittin here on a cold dark night just me and father time trying to figure out if everything is all right but you baby know better than I do that just an I'm sorry and an I love you just won't be enough to make these storm clouds roll through so you lately just want me to show ya

That you're all I need
When times are good when times are bad till time has buried me
And it falls on me
Whether you're up whether you're down to sweep you off your feet
Cause you don't want hi I love you gotta go you want me

Every time I see you're right I see the light but I can't let you win cause I'm a slave to my pride see you my lady know better than I do that the physical things don't mean that much and a garden full of roses couldn't warm like a soft touch so I've been thinking I just wanna show you


You want me, me to show you you're everything this heart could ever long for you're everything this heart could ever need you're all I need you're everything my everything you're everything you're all I need


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