Foto do artista Albert Collins

Master Charge (Versão 2)

Albert Collins

My wife has a charge card
That I got her the other day,
I owe five hundred dollars
that's just for yesterday.

I said,
"Honey, here's a present go out and shop around.
Get a couple of dresses and browse around
She did just what I told her,
Bought one, two or three
Then came home looking silly
Making goo-goo eyes at me.

Chorus: (3X)
Master Charge
Master Charge
A Bank of America Card

I said, "Did you get your dresses?"
She said, "Yes, one or two,
but I had to get me some shoes and I needed
some jewelry too."

She had $200 dresses
That I could have made and I can't sowe!
Fifty Dollars pair of shoes
And I thought you so and so.

I said, "What about the jewelry?"
As calmly as I could.
She said, "Honey, you'll love them. They're pure African wood."

(Chorus) 3X

Let's charge it!
Let's charge it!

She said, "They were $200 and I paid
one and a half!"
I just didn't believe it,
I was so mad I had to laugh.

I could see it in my mind
On a horse like Paul Revere
I check my mail box
'cause these bills keep coming here.

(Chorus) 3X

Charge it!
Let's charge it!
Let's charge it!

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